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Goodbye 2011

The year has not been all bad, by any means. The bad parts were rather staggering in their badness. But the good parts come out on top, and bring us into 2012 in a pretty amazing place.

And when I say "amazing place," I mean that literally. Photos to follow in the New Year.

Hope it's a great one for all of you!

It's Not You

My last entry came off a bit harsher than intended. Such is the nature of hindsight. What I know now is that it's not you, it's me. There's a good reason I had a hard time with all the questions: I was staring into the eyes of people who were scared to death...for ME. Now I understand that I was just overwhelmed with all the emotion of those conversations. Read more...Collapse )

Blame the Tornado

Well it's been quite the couple of months since my last entry. I was planning a big plastic floopy-skin removal surgery for the 15th of this month. Then I got the big bad news.Read more...Collapse )

Gone and Back Again

Well I didn't mean to be gone. As usual! I haven't been much more present anywhere else online, except maybe Fac3book. I HATE FAC3BOOK. But it's so convenient! Read more...Collapse )

Assimilation of the Carpet Mole

Greetings! Life continues to be crazy. Not much time for writing (note to self: check Robyn's sites for the kitten watch!). Reacher is doing fantastic. He has finally gotten truly comfortable with us. OK well relatively. He will come downstairs and hang out for long periods. Or until he hears somebody at the front door. Then he's gone like a shot. But he comes back when the coast is clear! Overall, though, he's really come around. It took some work, and Robyn and I have both confessed our doubts that we would be able to go the distance, but here we are!

A couple of tiny videos of Reacher and Beau, who get along very well, though they are not quite yet snuggle buddies. In one of these, you will see Reacher do his latest little trick of getting under the edge of the carpet and burrowing around. He just gets a start here, but often goes into full-bore mole mode (hahaha pun not intended).

Back to it! Byeee!

Reacher Creature

It's been pretty wild & crazy around here lately, but all is well. Reacher continues to progress, but he's still very slow about it. He got comfy enough in his little room, no longer panicking and clawing his way up the window blinds at the slightest move. He spends most of his time sitting out in the open now. Read more...Collapse )

Head for the Hills

First off, I want to thank all of you Robyn-Readers who have come to visit and shared your experiences and good wishes by comment and email. I am so sorry I haven't had the chance to reply to everybody individually. But I've really enjoyed the feedback and have used many of your suggestions in helping Reacher become more comfortable here.

Now I know that many of you are probably here because Robyn's been out of commission for a few weeks and you are all starrrrrved for the kitty love and interested in the Crooked Acres adoptee who's become a City Kitty! That's how the web works, huh? However you came, welcome, and thanks! Just so you know, I have sucked at the updating for the past year, but with all the Reacher fun, I've been around a bit more. Read more...Collapse )

In The Zone

Things are going much better here with the new baby. He is yowling right now, because he doesn't care to be left all alone in his quarters. Hopefully his period of confinement won't have to go much longer, but until he's more comfortable with the human residents around here, this level of confinement is best for him. Given his scaredy-cat nature, he would be overwhelmed having the run of this place. Read more...Collapse )

Did You Hear the Angels Sing?

Whew what a time it's been. Work is crazy busy. And we have this crazy new cat! Robyn says he's a drama queen. I think she's spot-on.

So I was pretty discouraged for awhile there. Robyn said this little guy was a scaredy cat, but would probably warm up to us in a day or two.


Ha. Ha. Ha. Hahahahahaah!

Not so much. Read more...Collapse )


Yes, it's true! We have a new cat, and his name is Reacher. He is another Challenger's House cat brought to us via Crooked Acres, one of the infamous Bookworms. We were ready to try another cat, and Robyn was ready to offload a few from her increasing but absolutely not-animal-hoarder-like population. I've had lots of travel in her neck of the woods lately, so I planned to pick Reacher up on my way home from one of my work trips.

As luck would have it, the night of that trip turned out to be the night of the last big nasty snowstorm we had here in Alabama. We had warnings about it, but you know how those things go. I was really pressed for work, and I figured as soon as I tried to rearrange all the appointments I had up there, I'd be sitting home on my dead ass with no snow while my schedule went all to hell for nothing. So we stuck to the plan.Read more...Collapse )